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Roof Inspection: A Quick and Safe Way to Do It on Your Own

Your roof offers round-the-clock protection for your family and home. As it is always exposed to the elements, the roof is prone to a range of problems. When you don’t perform regular preventive maintenance, it may not last as long as it should.

To extend your roof’s service life and avoid unexpected costly repairs or replacements, have licensed roofing contractors in Maryland inspect your roof about twice a year and after every extreme weather condition. If you want to assess the roof yourself, make sure to use safety equipment or inspect it from the ground.

Here are some tips for doing a quick roof inspection:

Check the roof covering.

As the exterior layer gets the most exposure from the elements, it’s often the first one to suffer from damage. Look for loose, missing, or distorted tiles, shingles, or wood shakes. You should also check for detached flashing.

If the roof isn’t too high up, you may be able to check the shingles from the ground with a pair of binoculars. If you need to use a ladder, ask a friend or family member to secure it while you go up and assess the roof.

Assess for moss or lichen growth.

Moss and lichen grow on surfaces that receive little sun and are exposed to cool weather frequently. As they hold moisture, they put your roof at risk of water damage, especially during freeze-thaw weather conditions. Furthermore, they shorten the life span of asphalt shingles. If you see lichen, moss, fungus, or algae on the roof, think about having our professionals check your roof thoroughly for possible damage.

Check the gutter, soffit, and fascia.

The gutter draws water away from the roof and wall. If it is loose or sagging, it may not direct the water efficiently into the downspout, which may lead to an overflow. In addition, the gutter may not be able to support the added weight, which may cause it to fall off.

You should also check the fascia and soffit for cracks, holes, and rotting sections. When you see issues on your gutter, soffit, or fascia, it’s best to resolve them as soon as you can. Holes in your fascia or soffit may encourage critters to build nests in the attic, which can lead to more problems.

You shouldn’t have to get up on your roof to check it. Leave that task to our Maryland roofing contractors. You can assess your roof from the ground or have someone help you with a ladder.

If you see any problems, contact DryTech Roofing. We’ll get up on your roof and tell you what we can do to fix your roofing concerns. Call (877) 7700-DRY for more information and a free estimate.