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Roof Parts and Their Importance in Protecting Your Home

Your home’s roofing is responsible for protecting your home from the elements, and can even affect the overall appearance of your home. The roof may seem like one single structure, but it’s actually made up of several parts that each play a role in protecting your home. Read on as DryTech Roofing and Home Solutions discusses the critical parts of a roof and their importance.

Roof Deck and Underlayment

The roof deck is comprised of the flat panels that are usually made of plywood. These are fastened and nailed properly to the rafters, essentially serving as the base layer of the roofing. Above the deck is the underlayment, which is a layer of specialized rubber membrane or felt paper that protects the deck from water damage.


The shingles are the most noticeable parts of the roof and are usually made of asphalt, tile, metal, and slate. As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, our roofing company offers high performance shingle systems that are made of the highest quality materials. Our roofs are built with superior strength and serve as the first line of defense against elemental damage.

Starter Strips and Flashings

Starter strips are a secure line of shingles located at the lower edge of the roof. These bolster the wind resistance of the shingles and also prevent water intrusion. Flashings, on the other hand, prevent water from entering the gaps in your roof. They are made with sheet metal and are located around vent pipes and chimney valleys.

As one of the few GAF Master Elite roofing companies in the area, you can count on us to deliver you high performance roofing systems that are built to last and look good while doing it, too. Give us a call at (240) 491-5600 for more information on our services. Our roofing company serves homeowners all throughout Maryland.