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Roof Strategies: When’s the Best Time to Repair or Replace?

Your roof can endure the harshest of weather conditions and other elements. But over time, shingles and other components of the roofing system deteriorate, and it won’t take long before some parts or the whole structure will need repair or replacing.

When Repair Is a Must

Assess the general condition of your roof in order to detect early signs of roof failure. It is recommended to have an annual roof checkup so that you can plan for possible necessary repairs. Early signs include peeling paint on the bottom of the roof extension, dark areas on your ceilings, damp areas near your fireplace, and water stains on your water heater or furnace pipes.

While some signs are easily recognizable, you need the trained eye of expert roofers in Maryland to fully determine the problem and prescribe the best remedy. There are certain roofing issues that would only require fixing to get your roof functioning again to protect the other parts of your house from damage. You also want to avoid unfitting repair as it can only lead to more serious damage.

When Replacement Is Necessary

On other hand, there are telling signs that you need a new roof, especially if inspection reveals the following:

  • Water stains on your interior’s walls
  • Excessive algae or moss growth on the roof’s surface or between shingles
  • Granules of shingles have worn off
  • Branches or debris can penetrate the shingle layer or roof-deck
  • Loose, misplaced, or missing flashing
  • Gutters are pulling away from the roof’s edge
  • Fractured, coiling, or missing shingles

Yet again, the severity of the overall roofing problem can be best determined by a skilled and trained contractor.

We have shown you the obvious indications that would necessitate a roof repair or replacement. It pays to be informed to help you arrive at a better decision. To fully assess your roof, you can get in touch with our expert Maryland roofers and ask us about our free in-home inspection. Call us today.