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Roof Styles That Are Perfect for Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles cover a majority of American homes because they are durable and cost-effective. They are also low-maintenance, and are easy to repair or replace in case they get damaged.


As one of the leading roofing contractors Maryland homeowners trust, DryTech Roofing discusses some roof styles that are perfect for use with asphalt shingles:


Also known as pitched or peaked roofs, gable roofs are easily recognized by their triangular shape. These easily shed water and snow, provide more space for an attic or vaulted ceilings, and allow more ventilation. Their simple design makes them easy to build, and are even cheaper than more complex designs.


A hip roof has slopes on all four sides. The sides are all of equal length and come together at the top to form a ridge. Hip roofs are more stable than gable roofs, with the inward slope of all four sides being what makes it more sturdy and durable. They are excellent for both high wind and snowy areas. The slant of the roof allows snow to easily slide off with no standing water.

Hip roofs offer extra living space for vaulted ceilings or an attic. They also provide more ventilation and the ability to make additions, such as dormers or a crow’s nest.

Salt Box

A salt box roof is asymmetrical in design, with one side being more of a slightly sloping flat roof and the other more of a lean to, with gables at each end. Roofing contractors in Maryland recommend saltbox roofing for homes with early Colonial and Cape Cod designs.


A combination roof incorporates a design using various roofs on the same structure for aesthetic and practical reasons. For example, a house may have a hip roof with a gable roof over dormers and a skillion over the porch. Using a variety of roofs adds architectural interest to a house. It’s also a great way to use the best type of roof for each section of the home.

If unsure of the style that will work best for your new home, contact DryTech Roofing. Our in-house design experts can help you choose the ideal options for your home. We can also recommend the best material based on your goals. Call us today at (877) 7700-DRY for a free estimate on any roofing project.