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Roof Underlayments: What Are They and Why Are They Important?

Your roofing system is composed of numerous components, all of which are important to have a fully functioning roof. You have the shingles, which is basically the roof’s outer layer, the roof deck that supports it and the underlayment that’s usually placed between them. For those who are unaware, the underlayment is a protective covering that can be made of either synthetic or felt material and is installed on the roof deck before the shingles are installed.
In this post, roofers from DryTech Roofing LLC discuss the importance of roof underlayments.
Prevents Moisture Damage
Moisture is your roofing system’s number one enemy and as such, it’s understandable if you want to do everything you can to prevent it from infiltrating your roof. The underlayment is the most reliable way to accomplish this as it can easily prevent precipitation and moisture from permeating your deck and causing leaks and rot on your roof.
Protects Your Roof Deck
Apart from preventing moisture damage, the underlayment also protects your roof deck in the event a strong storm blows your shingles away. With the underlayment, the wood of your roof deck will be adequately protected until roofers can install a new set of shingles on your home.
Protects the Deck From Shingle Chemicals
Surprisingly enough, your shingles are actually mixed with a few chemicals during the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, these chemicals can damage the roof’s structural system if it manages to penetrate it. This is where the underlayment comes in as it can help protect the roof deck from these harmful chemicals that can cause the shingles to melt into the deck’s wood under the heat of the sun, thus sparing you from having to conduct extensive and costly repairs on your roof.

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