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Roofing 101: Why the Pitch of the Roof is Important

In constructing houses, one of the important aspects builders look in to is the pitch of the roof. This refers to the steepness of the roof, which is basically the measurement of the angle of the roof’s slope. Roofers calculate this by the number of inches it elevates vertically for every 12 inches it expands horizontally.

So if for example, the roof pitch is measured 5/12, the 5 means that the roof rises 5 inches for every 12 inches it runs. Roof pitches range from 2/12 pitch, which is a low slope, to 12/12, which is severely sloped.

Why is it important to measure the roof pitch?

Measuring the pitch of your roof is important because it helps in determining the type of roofing system as well as the kind of materials to use that is suitable for your home or commercial building. Furthermore, the measurement of your roof pitch helps in determining the complexity of the roof’s design, and how roofers go about their work.

What is an ideal roof pitch – high or low?  

Obviously, roofs with higher pitches (from 6/12 to 12/12) are ideal for areas that frequently rains or snows as a steeper angled roof can easily runoff  rain water and snow away from the roof, onto the gutters, and into the drains. A lot of people prefer higher pitches for roofing in Maryland because of the wet weather here.

Low pitched roofs (from 2/12 to 5/12) are often used for commercial roofing applications (although it’s been a trend for modern residential architectural designs lately) as low pitched roofs are known to be more energy-efficient, low maintenance, and can be installed at a lower cost.

How can I make sure that my home has the right roof pitch, perfect for the Maryland weather?

Contact an expert roofing company in Maryland to help you measure and determine the right roof pitch for the area’s kind of weather.

We at Dry Tech Roofing have more than a decade of experience helping local homeowners to choose the right roof style and pitch for homes in Maryland. Just give us a call so we can set up a schedule for your free estimate.