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Roofing and Landscape: A Blend of Design Like No Other

The roof is more than just a barrier between the elements and your home. Its wide expanse offers the perfect opportunity to blend your home into its landscape. Homeowners often forget to look around when choosing their roofs (or vice versa. Doing so will enhance the visual appeal of your house and help you create a seamless design like no other.


Let DryTech Roofing, the expert and experienced Maryland roofers, show you how, with these crucial considerations:

Color Combination

Color is the key to creating smooth and timeless designs, and your roof is no exception. Choosing a roof color that blends well with the color of a prominent element in your landscape can make a huge difference. For instance, if you have lots of gray stone features around your home, you can go for a gray roof to create a cohesive appearance.

You can also choose a roof color with a darker tone if the surrounding areas have dark hues and your siding features a lighter tone. The deeper shades can produce a balanced contrast with the lighter tones for a harmonious appeal. We offer many roof options in various colors so you can be sure of finding what you need when you work with us.


The roof texture adds depth and character to the curb appeal of your home. Your choice of roofing material will be crucial since some materials have more texture than others. That’s why as your trusted roofers in Maryland, we provide roofs in an array of material choices. Play up this texture to combine all the natural and man-made elements around your home. This creates a central focal point, allowing any viewer to take it all in like a landscape painting.

Shape and Line

Roof designs come in a variety of unique shapes and patterns. Use this distinction to create your connection. A slightly sloped roof works with a landscape set against a backdrop of rolling hills, while a steeper roof may be ideal for a landscape featuring steep mountains.

At DryTech Roofing, we believe exterior designs should respect the existing structure and blend properly into its neighborhood so that your home appears more in-tune with its surroundings. In addition to roof replacements, we offer other services such as siding, insulation, and roof repair in Maryland.

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