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Roofing Guide: Helpful Tips for Choosing a New Roofing

Roofing contractors Maryland will tell you that a roof isn’t as simple as how you see it. It is a system composed of different interconnected components that are dependent on one another. Therefore, being careful in choosing a new roof is of utmost importance to ensure the protection of your home.

DryTech Roofing, the leading roofing contractors in Maryland, gives you some bits of roofing advice. These tips below may serve as your guide in the process of replacing your roof.

Tip 1: Get started by having your roof inspected.
Before getting a new roofing system, you first need to know what the exact condition of your current roof is. You may call on an expert roofer to perform a thorough inspection. Or you may also do this on your own. For your safety, however, check from the ground for the following: (1) cracked or missing shingles, (2) peeling wallpaper or paint due to water drippings, and (3) granules on the gutters.

Tip 2: Consider the factors that greatly affect your roof.
1.    Heat from the sun
2.    Accumulation of ice and snow
3.    Heavy rain
4.    Strong winds
5.    Moss and algae formation
6.    Moisture
7.    Tree branches

Tip 3: Determine the kind of roofing you are going to install.
You may choose from various roofing materials. Learn the pros and cons of each to know what kind is most appropriate for your area’s climate and your home’s architectural design.

  • Asphalt shingles – These are one of the most common shingles installed as they complement many home styles.
  • Metal – This material is known to be highly durable, low-maintenance, heat-reflective, and fire-resistant.
  • Wood shingles and shakes – These materials give the most natural look for traditional homes.
  • Tile and slate – You get your money’s worth for both because of their durability and long-lastingness.

Tip 4: Estimate the installation cost.
After you determine the kind of roofing material most apt for your home, estimate how much you’ll need to have it installed. Usually, manufacturers and suppliers sell roofing material per a 100 sq. ft. area. Consider the length of your roofing area, the labor fee, and other additional expenses.

For a surefire roofing project success, let us at DryTech Roofing handle the job for you. If you are in need of any kind of assistance with your roofing or other parts of the house, feel free to contact us anytime.