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Should You Remove Snow From Your Roof?

The image of snow neatly packed on your roof is a highlight of winter, and it’s as enchanting as it is whimsical. However, snow can cause unseen damage on your roofing if left unattended – from creating ice dams that block the gutters to leaks.

In this post, DryTech Roofing explains why you prevent snow from accumulating on the roof during winter.

Snow Leaks

Your house has its own internal temperature and is often warmer than the conditions outside. As a result, the rain or compact snow that end up on your roof will melt and eventually become a leak as they slowly enter the cracks on the roof.

These snow leaks can also turn into ice dams, which occur when the melted snow refreezes at the edge of the roof. The resulting blockage interrupts the flow of water through the gutters. The extra weight on the roof edge may weaken the roof structure as well.

Fortunately, you can prevent these problems by removing the snow from the roof. While it’s possible to do it on your own with a snow rake, it’s best that you have your local roofing companies do it for you.

Professional Snow Removal

DIY snow removal is back-breaking work that’s also risky – especially if the snow is wet and isn’t as compact as it seems. While it’s possible to get rid of small layers of snow on your own, you want to work with an experienced team for bigger projects. You also avoid unintentionally damaging the roof shingles with the rake.

As your local roofing company, DryTech Roofing will make sure your house is free from ice dams and compact snow this winter season. Call us today at (240) 491-5600 to learn more about our services. We are a roofing company serving homeowners in Maryland.