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Siding: A Look at Return on Investment for Your Home

One of the things you have to closely look into is how you can enhance curb appeal when selling your home in Maryland. A beautiful living space can always attract more buyers and add value to your property. Your siding in Maryland covers the majority of the exterior. If it is appealing to the eye, potential buyers will certainly notice your home, making your house an option that can seal the deal.

Aside from adding curb appeal to your home, a new siding can provide better insulation. This is another attractive feature for potential buyers as it can help them save money on utility costs. Furthermore, new siding means less maintenance, which buyers will surely like as they won’t have to think about it for quite some time.

Getting your siding replaced is a smart investment if you want to sell your home fast. Shelling out extra money for a new siding can give you a sizeable amount of return of investment.

According to the 2014 “Cost vs. Value” Report of Remodeling magazine, a siding project in Baltimore, Maryland, costs between $11,475 and $14,236 with a resale value of around $8,975 to $11,645, depending on the material utilized. That’s about 78% to a whopping 87% recovery from the total cost of the project. This home improvement project can definitely give you a significant recoup value.

Get your siding done by the experts if you want to sell your home fast. We at DryTech Roofing can help you seal the deal with your potential buyers. We offer James Hardie fiber cement siding and vinyl siding in Maryland and other surrounding areas.

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