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Siding and Your Home: A Primer – Part I: Why siding matters

Siding, also known as wall or exterior cladding, is material applied to the exterior walls of a home. While those made with solid brickwork or masonry veneer will not require the use of siding, the average American home will typically feature it, taking advantage of the benefits siding has to offer.

What are these benefits? What can siding do for you?

Protection from the elements

Siding forms part of your home’s first line of defense against the elements. Along with other parts of your home, it creates a barrier that protects your home from rain, snow, hail, and ice, among other things. When siding is not present or damaged, water penetration is a common problem that arises. Over time, not having siding can lead to the formation of mold, as well as damage to your home’s foundation and and structure due to exposure to moisture.


Your home’s cladding also plays a part in keeping your home warm and cozy, especially during the cold months. Just as siding serves to protect your home from rain and snow, it also helps keep the wind from penetrating through the walls of your home. If you’re finding that gusts of wind are managing to enter your home despite keeping the windows and doors properly closed, then chances are that you need siding or yours need repairing or replacing.


Your siding can contribute a lot to your home’s visual impact and appeal. Whether you want to blend in better with your neighborhood or are keener on standing out and expressing your personal style, you can easily achieve your goal by making the most out of the range of choices available to you and picking out the right kind of siding for your home.

A part of choosing the right kind of siding is choosing the right kind of material it is made from. Get to know your options in the next part of this blog series.