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Siding Protection against Shifting Weather Conditions

The siding serves as your home’s barrier against the elements. But it may suffer damage over time due to harsh climatic conditions and varying weather circumstances. In order for your siding to function efficiently in shielding your home all year round, you need to have an action plan.

Maryland siding contractors suggest these easy ways to help you maintain its quality:

Routine Maintenance. It’s advisable to clean your siding quarterly to get rid of accumulated dirt and mold spores. Use warm water and a soap solution. It is very important that you rub the surface gently and carefully so as to not damage the paint and scratch the wall material. You may also use power showers and bleach solutions to get rid of stubborn dirt and algae.

Repaint. When repainting your siding, use high-grade paint that can bring about a lasting finish to withstand the elements. An acrylic latex paint can be coated over your existing siding to prevent cracking and blistering. It allows the siding to contract and expand without breaking when there are changes in temperature. If you have wood siding, choose a paint that is resistant to termites and molds.

Inspect Regularly and Repair. Your home’s siding may become loose due to bad weather conditions, such as storms and heavy rains. As soon as you spot problems, have them repaired immediately to prevent the damage from worsening.

If you have vinyl siding that becomes loose due to a windstorm, refasten it as soon as possible. For wood siding that is beginning to rot, replace the damaged parts and coat them with a protective paint and sealant.

For aluminum siding that is starting to bend, fix it immediately and replace the dented sections. If you have steel siding that is beginning to rust, reseal the exposed metal as soon as possible.

It’s advisable to your check your siding regularly. Look for minor damage and repair them immediately as part of your action plan. Leaving issues unattended can lead to more expensive upkeep over time. You may need to consider a replacement before your current siding goes beyond its service life.

In case you need to replace your siding, consult Maryland vinyl siding contractors such as Dry Tech Roofing & Home Solutions for a fitting choice for your home. Our company offers fiber cement and insulated vinyl siding that, with proper installation, can withstand harsh elements.

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