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Signs that Your Home Needs Window Replacement

Is your home in need of new windows? Many people think holding on to their old windows are still the better choice. Nonetheless, when these signs start showing up, you’re better off looking for replacement windows in Maryland:

Window Replacement

1. Your Windows’ Frames are Severely Cracked

While it’s easy to deal with minor signs of window damage, trying to restore a window with major cracks running along the frame can be both costly and impractical. Sealing the crack with caulk can look ugly, and there’s no guarantee that the fix will last. If the frame is already weak enough to crack, it’s better to hire us to install replacement windows. Our windows are sure to be durable and long-lasting.

2. Your Windows’ Glass Panes Are Shattered

Most of a window’s surface area is glass. It’s also the part that plays the biggest role in providing natural light without letting too much heat in. Shattered glass panes render windows useless since wind and water can still pass through them even if they’re closed. Our experts in window replacement in Maryland strongly recommend replacing damaged windows as soon as possible to avoid compromising energy efficiency.

3. Your Windows Are Too Old

The older your windows get, the more likely they are to have signs of damage. Once problems start appearing more frequently, the repair costs can quickly add up, especially for windows with old, hard-to-find components. At that point, getting new windows would be the more cost-effective choice.

4. You Don’t Like Your Windows’ Looks

Your windows have a big effect on your home’s curb appeal and how it leaves an impression on your guests. If you think your windows look out of place or too deteriorated to make your home look better, then it’s time to look for Maryland replacement windows contractors.

Have you seen any of these signs on your windows lately? DryTech Roofing offers quality windows in an array of styles. From double-hung to specialty windows, we provide energy-efficient replacement windows that assure you of long-lasting performance. Call us at (240)215-3992 or fill out our contact form.