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Skilled Maryland Siding Contractors Must Give Value for Their Services

2014 Housing Market ImageAs the US economy is slowly getting back on its feet, so does the country’s housing market. The strides may not be as big, however, as reported in the article by USA Today. Despite this, small gains can still be realized and experienced by various sectors associated with the housing industry. 

Construction won’t return to normal this year, but it will strengthen enough to be the main driver of the housing recovery as home price gains shrink, says investment manager Goldman Sachs Asset Management. It sees housing starts increasing 20% a year for the next several years as household formation picks up with the strengthening economy.

More home construction means more jobs for construction workers, plumbers, civil engineers and others in the building trades, as well as related industries such as furniture manufacturing, it says. Construction alone will add 300,000 to 500,000 jobs a year to the nation’s job base for the next three years, GSAM predicts. That’s up from about 100,000 in 2013.

As home building and construction is set to fuel the market’s recovery, home improvement providers from various states like Maryland are expected to receive more job orders and projects. Professional Maryland siding contractors, for example, will get more client calls, and with the overall cost of building a house set to increase, home improvement companies should make it a point to give their customers the best value for their money.

No excuse for short-changing

As people start to build new houses or refurbish old ones they have recently purchased, they would want to ensure that their properties look good and are protected from outdoor elements. Siding contractors, on the hand, need to make good on their promises of providing topnotch services and avoid short-changing their clients. As a homeowner, you would want to look for contractors who offer high-grade siding solutions like vinyl and fiber cement from leading manufacturers like James Hardie.

Moreover, reliable contractors will also go the extra mile by educating their clients on what to expect and guiding them through the entire process; this extends all the way from inspection and planning to installation and completion. Vinyl siding contractors in Maryland like those from DryTech Roofing and Home Solutions also provide free estimates and conduct professional installations performed by technicians who have been certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute.


(Article Excerpt and Image from “What’s ahead for 2014 housing market,” USA Today, January 1, 2014)