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Sound Tips to Prepare For Your Siding Project

Preparing for your siding installation may not require technical skills, but it sure demands prudence. After all, you can be just as proactive at minimizing the disruption and stress of your project as your contractor.

To prep your home and your family for days of construction, experienced siding contractors advise the following:

De-clutter Work Areas

Remove any obstruction from the job site to give the installers room to work efficiently and safely. Trim overhanging tree branches, remove all lawn ornaments and light fixtures, relocate your satellite dish (if you have one), and clear the pathways.

Also, your gutters and downspouts may need to be taken down temporarily. This is why it pays to hire a company that also specializes in roofing work. DryTech Roofing is one of the reputable fiber cement and vinyl siding contractors with strong roofing credentials.

Lastly, move interior home items, such as pictures and pieces of artwork, away from the walls because siding installation would involve some banging and hammering nails.

Establish Clear Communication

Good communication makes the difference between success and failure. It can make or break your relationship with your contractor, and cause disputes and headaches. Apart from clarifying the best method of communication convenient to both parties, make the effort to meet daily to discuss progress reports.

It may seem old-fashioned, but keeping a job site notebook and using a dry-erase board helps. They let you leave important messages to the crew if you need to leave early for work.

Maintain Your Daily Routine

The construction will inevitably disturb your home, but it shouldn’t disrupt your regular routine. If you have children, do everything to keep a semblance of normalcy to avoid stressing your kids. Seasoned siding contractors would attest that having meals at the same time every day goes a long way.

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