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Stay Cozy by Sealing Your Home’s Drafts

Drafts aren’t just uncomfortable; these also help increase your energy bill. When warm or air conditioned air mixes with outside air, it makes it harder for your utility systems to maintain a comfortable temperature. This increases the utilities workload, energy consumption, and your bills.

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DryTech Roofing explains how our products and services can help prevent drafts.

Replace Your Siding

If your siding is old and damaged, or has extensive gaps and cracks, air leaks can form and increase your energy bills. As one of the trusted Maryland siding contractors, we have in-depth knowledge and experience on creating an effective thermal barrier using siding. The right choice in siding material will insulate your home and make it weathertight. We provide high performance James Hardie® fiber-cement siding, as well as insulated vinyl siding. Both options can increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Insulate Your Attic

Be sure to inspect your attic. Small holes in its insulation can add up to form a gap that’s over two feet wide. Your best choice is to consult DryTech Roofing to inspect your attic. We’ll check your attic, seal any air leaks, and install top quality insulation. We’ll use the most efficient type of insulation, fiberglass insulation. This is a cost-effective way to prevent drafts, improve your home’s comfort level, and reduce your energy bills.

Repair Your Roof

As one of the leading Maryland vinyl siding contractors and roofing providers, we strongly recommend a regular roof repair program. Cracks and gaps in your roofs flashing and shingles not only let air escape, as these can also let moisture in. We’ll inspect your entire roofing system and seal all the air leaks. Through regular repairs, you also improve the life span of your roofing system.

The roof and the siding will help improve your home’s energy efficiency and make your home more comfortable. DryTech Roofing provides high quality siding and roofing services at an affordable price. We’re dedicated to exceeding our client’s expectations. Give us a call to learn more about our products and services, or to get a free estimate.