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The Benefits of Prefinished Siding

Siding is a great addition to any home. Contrary to what most homeowners believe, it’s more than just for looks. The right choice of siding can improve the weather resistance of your home and even help with energy efficiency.

In this post, your roofing contractors at DryTech Roofing share why you should consider prefinished siding for your next installation project.

What’s a Prefinished Siding?

As its name suggests, prefinished siding is siding that is finished within the factory. Better known in the industry as ‘machine finishing’, it does away with all the factors that negatively affect the quality of siding during site application by keeping it in a controlled environment.

The result is siding that’s resistant to sun and wind damage, and with an excellent paint job that’s not affected by on-site conditions such as dirt and dust.

Easy Installation

Prefinishing siding offers more than just quality siding for your home. Your siding and roofing contractors essentially have their job done since there’s no need to paint or do any touch ups to the new cladding. Since the siding is prefinished in the factory, all they need to do is install your new siding. It saves time and labor!

Colors that Stand Out

Since prefinished siding is expertly coated in factory-controlled conditions, the colors will stand out and remain vibrant for a longer time. Compare this to siding that has to be painted on-site, where temperature and atmospheric conditions will affect the quality.

As one of the top siding and roofing contractors in Maryland, DryTech Roofing will make sure your new siding is properly installed so you take full advantage of its benefits. Whether you’re looking to improve exterior aesthetics or energy efficiency, expect quality workmanship every time.

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