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The Best Fall Maintenance Practices for Residential Roofs

Maintaining your roof is something you have to do a few times a year, no matter what season it is. However, now that fall is here, you may notice that roofing maintenance is needed now more than ever. When maintaining your roof during the fall, keep in mind that there are a few maintenance practices that work best for the season.

Here, the roof repair professionals of DryTech Roofing LLC reveal the best maintenance practices for residential roofing systems this fall.

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Clean Gutters and Trim Trees

Now that fall is here, you can expect leaves to fall. With that in mind, make sure to clean the gutters before winter season arrives or your home could be put at risk for ice dams, which can damage your roofing system. If you want to minimize the amount of leaves that fall, on the other hand, have a professional trim the trees around your property.

Get an Inspection

When it comes to your roofing system itself, meanwhile, make sure to have it inspected before winter arrives. Some homeowners tend to make the mistake of avoiding this step because they don’t see any visible damage to the roof. However, throughout the past months, your roof may have sustained some underlying damage so make sure to have some roofers inspect it to be sure.

Make Repairs

If your roofer finds any form of damage to your roofing system, no matter how small, make sure to have it repaired as soon as possible. Otherwise, leaks may occur around your home and other weather events can cause further damage to the roof, which can cost you more in the long run due to repairs and increase your heating bills will experience during the winter season.

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