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The Importance of Insulating Your Attic

Attic insulation is a vital strategy to reduce your energy bills and make your home more environmentally friendly. Because the attic is frequently one of the simplest places to add insulation to your home, it’s a good place to start when making weatherizing adjustments for any season. Insulating your attic can help keep air inside the house from escaping and outside air from entering.


Why should you insulate your attic?


Heating and cooling costs can account for up to 50-70 percent of total energy use in a typical home. This implies that if you lose your home’s hot or cold air, you’re wasting a lot of energy. When considering how to make your home more environmentally friendly, it is critical to take efforts to prevent this loss. Any area where you can save energy is usually a good one to concentrate on.


Adding insulation to your attic helps you save money on energy by lowering the amount of energy required to keep your home at a reasonable temperature. Because any fluctuations in temperature in your home must be fought by your heating and air conditioning devices, leaving regions where significant changes can occur exposes your home to increased energy usage and costs.