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The Importance of Warranties

It’s important that your roof is backed by proper warranties. Regardless of the of material your roofers use, the roofing system will eventually get damaged. When that happens, a warranty may be the difference between a significant expense and no bill at all.

That’s why the roofing products we offer come with warranties. The strongest we offer is GAF’s Golden Pledge® limited warranty. Learn why warranties matter in today’s post by DryTech Roofing LLC.

Extent of Repairs

The extent of repairs means how much of your roofing system is covered. Some roofing companies may only cover defective manufacturing material, while others only cover certain roofing materials like asphalt or vinyl. For GAF, their tiered warranty system helps you find the right type of roof repair.

For example, standard warranties cover repairs only. The Golden Pledge, however, their top-tier warranty, goes much further and covers the entire system.

Level of Coverage

Aside from the extent of repairs, GAF stands out with an in-depth coverage outline. It shows you for how long the warranty covers your roof and the types of repairs allowed for it. This is important when your roofers need to deal with manufacturing or workmanship errors. It also lists transferability, which takes effect when the previous homeowner sells the home, hence “transferring” the warranty to the new owner.

Disaster Repair

Disaster repair is a vital component of several roofing insurance and warranties. From high winds to earthquakes, it can make a big difference between getting a costly replacement paid out of your own pocket and a hassle-free one. After all, it’s important to be prepared for any emergency.

DryTech Roofing LLC provides quality warranties for roofing in the state of Maryland. Call us today at (240) 491-5600 today to request an estimate.