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Things To Expect With Your Siding Replacement Project

One of the best ways to keep your siding replacement project on track is knowing what to expect, as it can help you anticipate possible issues and avoid surprises. Here are some things you should expect during a siding replacement project.

It Will Be Messy

The old layer of siding will have to be torn down. If you have limited yard space, you’ll need to make a clearing ahead of time for temporarily storing the discarded siding. Depending on factors like weather and type of siding, installation could begin as soon as a part of the wall is removed or the installation team could remove everything first, clear the work areas, and then begin the installation.

Our team takes every precaution to ensure that no damage will happen to your home during the entire siding installation process. We cover the surrounding landscaping and designated paths to ensure your outdoor areas will be completely clean once we’re finished.

It Will Be Noisy

As with most exterior home improvements, siding replacement will be noisy and there will be a significant amount of foot traffic. If you have children or pets who may get uncomfortable with the noise, we recommend making arrangements for them to stay with friends or relatives. You may also want to let your neighbors know about your siding replacement as a courtesy.

There Could Be Repairs

In some cases, repairs or modifications may be necessary before the new siding can be installed. For example, if your home happens to be old enough to still have asbestos insulation, we will need to replace it. Some areas may have been water damaged and will have to be repaired before new siding can be installed. You can prepare for unexpected situations like these by having an emergency fund on hand before the project starts. An additional 10% to 20% of the project cost is enough to cover most emergency repair work.

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