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Tips and Tricks to Match Your Siding and Trim Colors

Aesthetic is a big factor for every home. After all, it not only makes your home look appealing but it also increases your property values. The two important parts of your home that can help its aesthetic are the siding and trim, meaning making their colors match can drastically affect your home’s overall appeal. Unfortunately, doing so can be a bit difficult for most homeowners.

In this post, the professionals of DryTech Roofing LLC provides you with tips and tricks that can help you match your siding and trim colors.

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Choose Colors Based on Home Style

Not all colors suit a specific home style so make sure to examine the overall architecture of your home as some colors may suit it and some may not. For instance, if you live in a modern contemporary home color combinations such as a pearl gray siding and a granite colored trim may work. Traditional style homes, on the other hand, colors like red, khaki and almond may suit it better.

Choose Colors That You Like

There’s nothing wrong with asking your friends, family or even your contractor for what colors do they think can suit your home better. However, keep in mind that ultimately, that’s all that they’re going to do; suggest. In the end, the final decision on what colors you want in your home falls on your shoulders since you are the one who’ll be living there. With that in mind, make sure to choose colors that you know you like instead of the ones that are suggested to you.

Use a Home Design Tool

On the other hand, if you want to be a bit different with your color combinations, you’re more than free to do so. However, if you’re having a hard time visualizing how your chosen colors will look on your home, consider using home design tools like a color visualizer to see how the final product will turn out. Simply take a photo of your home, upload it into the app or website, and apply the colors you want to see from there.

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