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Tips to Prepare Your Home for a New Roof Installation

Preparing your home for a new roof installation is an essential step to ensure the process is smooth and efficient. Proper preparation not only helps protect your property but also facilitates the roofing team in completing the job quickly and safely.

Home and Yard Preparation

Start by clearing any vehicles, patio furniture, and other items from the area around your house. This will provide the roofing contractors with easy and safe access to your roof and prevent any damage to your belongings. It’s also a good idea to cover any valuable landscaping or garden features to protect them from debris. If you have a satellite dish or antennas installed on your roof, consider removing them or scheduling a professional to do so before the installation begins.

Inside Your Home

The installation of a new roof can cause vibrations through the walls of your house, which can affect the interiors as well. Secure or remove pictures, mirrors, and other items hanging on the walls or shelves that could be dislodged by the vibrations. It’s also prudent to cover items in your attic with sheets or tarps to protect from dust and debris.

Communicate with Your Roofing Contractor

Effective communication with your roofing contractor is crucial. Ensure you understand the timeline, the scope of work, and any preparations you should handle. Ask questions about anything unclear regarding the installation process. For more detailed information on what to discuss with your contractor, visit our Residential Roofing FAQ page.

Day of Installation

On the day of installation, ensure that your driveway is clear and that there is ample space for the roofing materials and dumpster, if necessary. Keep pets in a safe area away from the construction to avoid any accidents or escapes due to loud noises or open gates.By taking these steps, you’ll make your roof installation project as seamless as possible, protecting both your property and the workers involved. For more insights into what to expect during the roof installation, check our detailed guide on Residential Roof Installation.

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