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Tools of the Trade: 7 Tools Professional Roofers Should Have

While you’re not required to conduct an inspection of your roofing contractor’s toolbox, being familiar with the tools of the trade can help you tell how prepared a roofer is. Here’s a sampling of what professional roofers typically bring during a roof installation.

  1. Roof Ladder – Roof ladders are absolutely essential to any roofing work. These ladders typically have a hook at the top end and a stabilizing base to keep it steady during the installation process.
  2. Safety Gear – Roofers use safety gear similar to mountain-climbing equipment. This is essential for preventing falls and requires training for proper use. Other required safety gear includes protective gloves, puncture-resistant work boots, and safety glasses.
  3. Pry Bars and Shovels – The tear-off is probably the messiest part of any roofing installation, but it needs to be done as quickly as possible. Professional roofers use pry bars and roofing shovels to get it done quickly. The old roofing is pushed to the roof’s edge, where it is caught by a waiting loader, excavator or dump truck.
  4. Wheelbarrow – A wheelbarrow is needed to move materials such as shingle mats in areas too small for vehicles. It can also be used to clear debris that the aforementioned trucks may have missed.
  5. Shingle Knife and Other Cutting Tools – Shingle knives are specifically designed to cut shingle mats. Their small hook-shaped blade has the cutting edge on the inside curve, which maximizes the cutting force and minimizes the chances of accidentally getting cut by the blade. Tin snips are used for cutting flashing to size.
  6. Framing Square – Framing squares allow cutting the shingle mats to consistent right angles. While some roofing products come pre-marked, having a straight edge helps minimize cutting errors and waste.
  7. Cordless Drill and Nail Gun – Two of the heaviest yet essential tools an installer needs to carry on their belt are a cordless drill and a pneumatic nail gun. The latter is especially important when installing asphalt shingles. With training and experience, installers can install several overlapping shingle mats in seconds.

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