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Top 3 Window Styles: On Choosing the Best Window Option

If you are up for new windows, choosing the right window type or style to replace your older units is very important. To help you out, DryTech Roofing, one of the top Maryland replacement windows contractors, gives you some advice.

Homeowners have their own taste or style that they believe is most appropriate for the architectural design of their home and comes with the functions that suit their lifestyle. Here are the most popular types of replacement windows in Maryland that you may choose from.

Top Three Window Styles
Double-Hung Windows. When it comes to popularity, double-hung windows are on top of the list. This window can be matched with almost any home style (from classic to contemporary), making it a versatile option for most homeowners.

Casement Windows. This type of window offers the best performance in terms of functionality. They are easy to open and close, making them another popular choice. They also provide excellent ventilation as they can be opened wide.

Picture Windows. These windows are fixed in place. They cannot be opened or closed. Their large expanse of glass has one purpose: to frame a beautiful view. This is perfect if you want the outdoor scenery brought into your home.

Other windows to consider are awning windows, sliding windows, garden windows, and specialty windows. Each has its own features and benefits to bring you both beauty and comfort.

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