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Top 4 Factors to Consider in a Siding Replacement Project

Siding replacement can be a lifestyle-altering renovation. Not only can it lend your home impressive curb appeal, but it can also elevate your home’s ability to withstand the elements while reducing the need for maintenance.

If you’re replacing your siding for the first time, these are the factors DryTech Roofing recommends considering:

1. Water Resistance

Not all siding solutions can naturally repel water and resist rot. Wood is a tough building material, but it relies on paint to protect itself from moisture. And since paint products deteriorate faster than you think because of the sun, rain and snow, expect to spend money on paint jobs for decades. The same can be said about metal siding options that are prone to corrosion.

Water resistance is generally an attribute unique to vinyl siding products. Under normal circumstances, they would hardly show any damage, and would withstand the detrimental effects of muggy summers and brutal winters. Moreover, insulated vinyl siding panels have fewer seams than regular siding, reducing the chances of water infiltration.

2. Durability

Sturdiness is a quality shared by all siding materials, but only a few are synonymous with longevity. Apart from masonry, fiber cement is the industry’s other hard-wearing siding option. If you choose James Hardie®, you’re guaranteed to get a siding system specifically engineered for your local climate.

3. Aesthetics

With the right style, color, and texture any siding product would give your home exterior a stunning makeover. The question is, for how long could your new siding make your home the envy of the neighborhood?

While painting lets you choose from a variety of hues, picking a pre-finished siding product promises long-lasting beauty. The fact that it’s coated in a factory-controlled environment helps ensure excellent finish adhesion.

4. Ease of Installation

Some siding systems are simpler to install than others, but the key to speedy but flawless installation is hiring a qualified contractor. If you’re on the market for insulated vinyl siding or James Hardie fiber cement siding, DryTech Roofing is the name you can trust. Our company is certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute and James Hardie, and these are advanced credentials most contractors have yet to earn.

Tap our proven expertise, solid experience and unquestionable integrity to guarantee the success of your siding replacement. Call us at (240) 491-5600 for your free, in-home estimate in Maryland, and let’s get your project started.