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Top 4 Ways to Use Bay Windows in Your Home

Bay windows are great! They add character to your home from the outside while increasing the usable space inside. It is therefore saddening to see people underutilize these features and simply cover the windows with artless drapes.


Once you are able to exploit the unique elegance and angles of bay windows, there are so many exciting concepts that you can bring to life in that cozy niche. Let DryTech Roofing, the top Maryland replacement windows contractors, get you started with these inspiring ideas:

1. Seating Space

The indoor alcove created by a bay window makes an ideal spot for a window seat. Whether it’s your next romantic nook or a casual reading area, these window seats convey a sense of elegance and functionality wherever you choose to place them. Bay windows work in just about any room; just be sure to add the right window treatments to control the natural light and maintain your privacy.

2. Dining Area

You can use a bay window to define your dining area. You can achieve this by fitting the table directly into the bay. You just have to make sure that the table is not as high as the ledges so you can utilize the window ledge as a back support, without the need for additional furnishing. Imagine eating breakfast here; you get to enjoy your meal with a healthy dose of vitamin D.

3. Extra Storage

You can transform the space beneath a bay window into a handy storage area. You can also customize its access to suit your living situation. For instance, if you have kids at home, you can install a storage bin that opens from the top to keep the little ones away from pullout drawers or cabinets. As the top contractors for window replacement in Maryland, we will work with you to determine the right bay window style and size to fit this function.

4. Bathroom Upgrade

Much like window seats, you can install the tub into your bay window in the bathroom. This is especially ideal for those long days when you would rather soak in the tub and take in the outdoor views. Don’t forget to include curtains and shades for your privacy.

In addition to bay windows, DryTech Roofing offers a wide range of other replacement windows in Maryland, such as casement, double hung, and picture units. Count on us to provide you with only quality materials and installation services.

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