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Uncovering the Truths Behind Common Attic Insulation Myths

While attic insulation is hardly an exciting topic, it’s still important for homeowners to familiarize themselves with the basics of the matter in question. With an abundance of information available, it’s possible to believe in misleading In this article, DryTech Roofing Company, Inc., one of the top roofing and siding contractors in Maryland, reveals the truths behind some of the most widely believed myths and misconceptions about attic insulation.

Myth #1: Attic Insulation Alone Will Improve HVAC Performance

While this statement has some truth to it, there are a lot of factors that contribute to the optimal performance of your HVAC system. Improving your attic insulation alone won’t automatically fix your heating and cooling issues. You will, however, notice an improvement in your overall indoor comfort once you get your attic insulation sorted out.

Myth #2: R-Value Accurately Reflects Insulation Efficiency

Roofing and siding contractors would tell you that the higher the R-value, the better your attic insulation will be able to resist heat transfer. And they’d be right. However, the R-value ratings of some insulation materials were based on testing that eliminated air movement from the variables, thus affecting the rating. You’ll get a more accurate real-world performance rating from testing done to spray foams or rigid foam insulations.

Myth #3: The trick Is to Use as Much Insulation as Possible

The proper amount of attic insulation is measured by professionals before installation. But regardless of how many layers of insulation you install, it won’t work as it should if air can still move through it.

Myth #4: Recycled Insulation Works Best

No matter what attic insulation material you choose, it won’t perform optimally (or even at all) if the installation was done poorly or haphazardly. This is why it’s just as important to choose a reliable contractor that won’t cut corners.

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