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Understanding Roofing Estimates: A Quick Guide

Whether you need a repair job or are planning a replacement project, you should have a roofing estimate from your contractor, providing you with details before any of the work begins. Roofing estimates may vary in form and content, but should always contain key information pertinent to your requirements.

roof estimates

What exactly do these bits of information mean? Here’s a quick guide:

  • Full Work Description – So you know exactly what will be done on your roof, your roofing estimate should include a list of all the things that will be carried out, including specific tasks.

  • Costs – This section should offer a look at the estimated costs of your roofing job, itemizing material and labor costs.

  • Timeline – While an approximation, a projected timeline should have clear target start and end dates.

  • Guarantees – This will outline everything you can expect from roofing companies should you hire them.

  • Payment Information – This should include all accepted payment methods, agreed-upon terms and due dates.

  • Warranty – Typically, you should get warranty coverage for both material defects and workmanship issues. The more generous the terms, the better.

  • Insurance and Licensing Information – Make sure you are working with a legitimate business authorized to work on roofing and has the means to protect you from liabilities should anything untoward happen during your project.

  • A Means of Exit – Sometimes, plans just don’t fall into place. Terms should be clear regarding what both parties can do to terminate an agreement without penalties.

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