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Upgrading Your Home to the Complete Thermal Enclosure System

The last couple of years have witnessed an unprecedented demand for energy-efficient homes. These are more comfy, while increasing the value of your home. In addition, you’ll enjoy reduced utility and maintenance costs. This is what it means to have a complete thermal enclosure system.

imagesThese are the very motives that drive the need for home ownership. As one of the trusted Maryland siding contractors, we can help you enjoy the benefits of having a complete thermal enclosure system. If your current home doesn’t offer you these conveniences, here are some key components DryTech Roofing can install:

All-inclusive Air Sealing

Typically, the average home is riddled with cracks running along the walls and roofs. These may be due to wear or the installation of common household fixtures, such as windows, lighting, pipes, wiring, and vents. A complete sealing of these cracks, along with our GAF roofing, will make your home airtight, making it more energy-efficient. It also means that you and your family will get to enjoy better air quality, as pollutants and moisture damage are kept at bay.

Lesser Thermal Bridging

These are the uninsulated pathways in the structure of a home that allow heat to seep in or out at a considerably higher rate. For example, the wood studs within the structure that remain uninsulated will usually have a lower resistance to heat flow. This will likely impact the coziness of your home. An additional layer of resilient foam or reducing excess wood studs can help lessen chances of thermal bridging in the walls.

Properly Installed Insulation

Insulating your home is important, but ultimately, the quality of the insulation determines its effectiveness. As one of the top vinyl siding contractors in Maryland, we can help ensure year-round protection. DryTech Roofing can install insulated siding, which is made from superior quality materials and combined with the durable properties of vinyl. Your reliance on cooling and heating systems will be significantly reduced, leading to more energy savings.

A complete thermal enclosure system is not only good for your home, but also contributes to a greener environment. As your ENERGY STAR building partners, we are fully committed to ensuring you have a cozy home. Give us a call today for a FREE in-home estimate!