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Video Blog: The Benefits of the HardieZone® System

The challenge with producing building material for a territory as wide as North America is the climate diversity. James Hardie recognizes the need for different siding for different climates, which is why they developed the HardieZone® system.

In the following video, we explain how the HardieZone system helps us provide climate-appropriate James Hardie siding to our clients.

The HardieZone System

James Hardie developed the HardieZone System to fulfill the need for climate-specific siding. What works for cold climates won’t be as optimal in warm and humid climates. No siding manufacturer offered climate-specific siding before this, and homeowners living in these areas are left with very limited choices.

The HardieZone System accounts for eight climatic factors that contribute to siding performance, which resulted in 10 distinct climatic zones. These zones had enough similarities that allowed James Hardie to simplify it into two zones: HZ5™ and HZ10™. With it, homeowners in extreme climates can now enjoy the benefits of, say, James Hardie plank siding without worrying about compromised performance.

The HZ5 Zone

When you buy James Hardie siding in Maryland, you’ll get siding made for the HZ5 zone, which is designed to withstand cold climates. HZ5 siding is optimized for insulating exterior walls, essential to preventing indoor heat loss and reducing low temperature intrusion. A specially-engineered coating on the outer face makes the siding resistant to the effects of freezing temperatures, such as warping, cracking, and moisture absorption.

The HZ10 Zone

At the other end of the climate spectrum is the warm and humid climates. This climate gets amplified during summer: scorching heat, torrential rain, and strong winds. Siding engineered for the HZ10 zone are designed to resist the effects of extreme heat, including blistering, warping, and cracking. Additionally, HZ10 siding is treated to resist coastal conditions that involve saline air, hurricane-force winds, and extended exposure to the sun.

With the HardieZone System, you can forget about the climatic considerations and focus more on choosing James Hardie fiber cement siding that best complements your home. DryTech Roofing LLC provides James Hardie siding to property owners in Maryland and nearby areas. If you would like to know more about the HardieZone System, call us today at (240) 491-5600 or fill out our contact form for a free, no-obligation estimate.