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Vinyl Siding Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

Vinyl siding has become one of the top choices for home cladding. It has successfully married durability with affordability, making it a great option to consider for various types of homes. Of course, much like other types of siding, vinyl siding has its share of disadvantages. However, it may have been suffering from a few misconceptions too.


DryTech Roofing LLC, one of the top siding contractors in the area, lists some common myths about vinyl siding and reveals the truth behind them.


“Vinyl Siding Looks Cheap”


Manufacturing techniques have made vinyl siding products more realistic and authentic-looking. Also available in a variety of colors and made with improved color retention, vinyl siding can definitely boost the curb appeal of your home. Your exterior won’t look cheap at all since you can choose from a range of textures that could add more sophistication to your home’s design.


“Vinyl Siding Gets Worn Out Easily”


Vinyl siding contractors can easily tell you why this type of cladding is worth your money. Even though other siding materials are naturally sturdier than vinyl, this doesn’t make vinyl any less durable. Vinyl is a strong material that can resist various elements, especially if it is treated properly. It can last for several years as long as you care for it regularly.


“Vinyl Siding Is Bad for the Environment”


Since vinyl siding can last for many years, it reduces your need to replace it during your lifetime. This means less disposal, replacement and waste that could end up in the landfill. In this sense, vinyl siding is not really a bad choice if you are keen on reducing your home’s environmental impact. Moreover, vinyl is a recyclable material. After it reaches the end of its life span, your vinyl siding can be melted down and turned into new plastic products. To learn more about this, you can ask your contractor about their recycling practices for old or discarded vinyl siding materials.


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