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Vinyl Siding: Reasons Why It’s Expected To Remain Popular

Research shows that the siding industry is expected to see a significant growth to $93.4 billion by 2024 and vinyl siding will be key player in this growth. This is further proof that vinyl siding is the most popular siding choice that homeowners prefer for their homes and will likely remain as such five years from now. Unsurprisingly enough, this is due to the bevy of benefits that homeowners can get from the siding material.

In this post, siding contractors from DryTech Roofing LLC discuss the main reasons why vinyl siding is a popular siding material.

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Compared to other siding materials, vinyl is one of the most durable variants available. Vinyl siding is made to withstand high temperatures and extreme weather events and it won’t even rust, warp or corrode. Another reason why it’s very durable is its lack of organic material, meaning you don’t have to worry about termites eating through the material or even wood rot.

Low Maintenance

One of the reasons for vinyl siding’s current and future popularity is its low maintenance needs. You don’t have to re-paint or restain it every year. In fact, all you’ll ever need to do to maintain it is to give it a thorough cleaning every now and then to remove the dirt and mud buildup.

Energy Efficiency

According to siding contractors, energy efficiency is one of the reasons homeowners choose and will continue to choose vinyl siding for their homes. Insulated vinyl siding can help keep your home warmer in the water and cooler during the summer, allowing you to save a significant amount year-round on your energy bills.

Ease of Installation

Vinyl siding is also very lightweight and comes with pre-drilled holes for direct installation on your home’s studs. This means you can cut back on labor costs since it can be easily installed in your home.

Improves Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important for homeowners who plan to sell their homes in the future and as it turns out, vinyl siding can help improve that. Since the material does not chip, flake or peel, the exterior of your home will look well-maintained for years to come and can even help increase your home’s overall resale value. This ensures the popularity of vinyl siding for many years.

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