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What Can Blow Shingles Off Your Roof?

Roofing contractors go to great lengths to make sure the roof they install is able to withstand strong winds, hail storms and other inclement weather conditions. Unfortunately, other factors such as lack of maintenance and aging can weaken some roofing systems enough for the shingles to be blown off the roof itself. Missing shingles are a major problem and, if neglected, can lead to water penetration problems and roof failure.

What Can Blow Shingles Off Your Roof?

Blown-off shingles, thankfully, are hard to miss. If you spot any missing shingles from your roof, call a trusted roofing contractor first and schedule an inspection. 

Why Shingles Get Blown Off

The most common reason for shingle blow-off is aging. After about two decades, the individual tabs can become brittle and their adhesives can wear off. This can cause lifting during periods of high winds. Over time, the lift can be enough to tear the shingles cleanly off the roof.

How to Resolve Shingle Blow-Off

For one or two shingles, it’s possible to contact your roofing contractors to patch them up. Use your judgment, however, if your roof is already past its estimated life span. At this point, it may be more practical to replace the whole roof entirely.

Shingle Installation

During installation, roofing contractors often use two methods to attach the shingles on the roof deck. First, the shingles are nailed at the top edge. Roofing nails are specially designed to keep the shingle down without tearing or damage. Lastly, the bottom edges of shingles also have a strong adhesive that allow them to stick to the shingle below them and form a tight seal. These two methods combine to give most shingles a wind rating of up to 130 mph, typical for Category 2 and 3 hurricanes.

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