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What Do Roofers Do When It Rains During a Roofing Job?

The long and short answer is that they simply don’t go in the first place. Roofers as well as siding contractors (at least the ones that know what they’re doing) make it a point to always keep an eye on the weather to ensure they are working during optimal conditions. However, as the weather tends to be erratic sometimes, there are instances when the roofing project gets interrupted by rain.

In this article, DryTech Roofing Company, Inc., one of the top roofing and siding companies in the area, explains what roofers do in case it rains during a roofing installation or replacement. We also explore different scenarios and discuss what a roofer will have to do in those situations.

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Repairing a Roof When It’s Raining

Roofing and siding contractors alike get service calls during storms for emergency repairs. Roofing contractors use a roof sealant that can be used in the rain. While roofing sealant can keep out the water, it’s not meant to be used for permanent repair. For long-term roof repair, good weather is crucial. Due to safety concerns, always keep in mind that DIY repairs during a storm or heavy rains is never a good idea.

Installing Roofing Shingles When It’s Raining

When the roof has a large area, roofers work in sections. Otherwise, they try to remove all the old and damaged shingles within the day. Before the new shingles can be installed, the roof needs to be prepared and fitted with a synthetic underlay. The underlay is waterproof and can provide protection against the rain to an extent, but it cannot protect your roof against a torrential downpour.

Reliable Roofing, Rain or Shine

There’s a reason why we are one of the leading roofing and vinyl siding contractors in the area. DryTech Roofing Company, Inc. is the company to trust when it comes to roofing installation, rain or shine. You can call us today at (240) 491-5600 to learn more about our products and services. We serve Maryland and nearby areas.