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What to Ask Your Roofing Contractor About Estimates

A collage photo of a laptop computer, a roofing contarct, and roofing contractors.Asking your roofing contractors the right questions is an important part of your home renovation. You must be aware of what’s going on, after all, it’s your home they’re fixing. Ask your contractor to have a detailed list of your home renovation’s full estimate. One sign that contractors know what they’re doing is that they can create a list of things that will be done and needed for your project.

DryTech Roofing, a team of expert roofers in Maryland, can assess your property to give you an estimate of your home improvement project. When it comes to roofing estimates, here’s what you should look for or ask your contractor:

  • The kind of covering, color and manufacturer they are going to use
  • The materials that will be used, such as underlayment, vents, and ice dam protection membrane
  • The full scope of work that needs to be done, including the replacement or removal of your current roof; flashing work such as existing flashes to be replaced, type of flashing metal to be used, and adding of a new flashing; ventilation work such as adding and replacing of new vents
  • The person responsible for replacing and repairing exterior and interior landscapes and finishes that may be damaged during the course of the job
  • The installation method the contractors are going to use
  • Project duration
  • Methods of payment
  • The length and coverage of warranty

Having your home looked at by a professional roofing contractor before starting any project is important. Requesting for an estimate gives you an idea of what to expect from your contractors.

When you’re looking for a team to work on your roof, you can count on DryTech Roofing. We are one of the most trusted Maryland roofers that offer free estimates. We are dedicated to providing quality service to our clients. For more information about what we do, call DryTech Roofing at (240) 547-2447 today.