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What To Do If Your Roof Is Leaking

When you realize that you have a leaky roof, it’s easy to slip into a state of panic. But don’t have fear.

This is what to do right away when you have a leaky roof:


  • Contain the water as best you can & release any pressure in the ceiling

  • Cover your roof with a waterproof tarp

  • Take photos for insurance

  • Call a roofing company


If the leak is only a minor one and you think you have some time before it becomes an emergency fix, you can use flashing to patch the area temporarily until a professional can come to fix the problem in the long run.


You may be asking yourself, what exactly caused my leaking roof? If the cause of your leak is still unknown to you, it may be from one of these:

  • Excess moisture from rain or a storm coupled with poor gutter installation

  • Holes from anything previously mounted on your roof

  • Damaged flashing around your chimney

  • Poorly sealed roof vents

  • Missing shingles

  • Clogged gutters from leaves or other debris

  • An old roof


If you decide to go investigate the problem on your roof, remember to follow these safety tips:

  • Don’t be too risky

  • Wait for clear weather

  • Don’t go up alone

  • Use a ladder

  • Wear protective clothing


What happens if I don’t do anything to fix my roof?

If you leave the roof leaking, it will become worse over time and become an even more costly job when it does get repaired. Mold can also grow from the moisture that will continue to build up, which is a serious health hazard to you, your family, and your pets. Lastly, a roof that continues to leak will most likely end up needing to be replaced sooner altogether.