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What Type of Fencing Should I Have Installed?

Installing fencing is a great addition to a home to improve the safety and surrounding sound suppression. Here are some tips on getting started with the right type of material, as well as expectations for the project that are realistic.


How does material change the fence layout?


The most common are either wood or aluminum fences for residential, which can either border the yard or a pool area. This will just depend on the level of maintenance the homeowner is willing to put forth into their property. Wood that can be exposed to water, such as in a pool area, will require maintenance more often throughout the year. Aluminum or other types of metal combat this, and are often installed with rust resistant finishes.


Take this into consideration when planning your property layout. Who uses the area? What volume of usage will it expect? Are you in a more intense climate? Answer these how you see fit before proceeding with a choice.



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Getting started can be a challenge depending on how busy the homeowner is, and that’s why we’re here to help. Set up a free consultation today and we’ll learn more about your home needs, project expectations, and how we can help you best. We’re really looking forward to meeting you!