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What Type of Shingles are Perfect for Your House?

The roof of your house is not one single material. It’s not even one single component of your house. It’s actually a complete and complex system that makes your home weatherproof no matter the season.

Roofing Shingles

Roofers in Maryland are experts at making that entire system work. A typical homeowner is not expected to be as knowledgeable, but if you know a bit about roofing systems you’ll be able to make the right decisions. These decisions include buying a replacement roof and having it installed, and maintaining it to prolong its life span.

For homeowners deciding on the right type of shingles for their type of house, consult DryTech Roofing and our team of Maryland roofers. We recommend the GAF shingles that suit your needs.


Slateline® shingles are perfect for Victorian homes, with that look of real slate for much less money. If you’re into old world elegance, however, try Sienna® shingles. They’re classy yet affordable. Choose from a wide range of colors for these shingles, from reds to greens, along with shades of gray and other bolder colors.


For this style’s pitched roof, check out the timeless beauty and uncompromising performance of Camelot®. This series comes without the high price of slate or wood shakes. Slateline® is another viable option, and so is Camelot® II. Our recommended colors include dark grays and blacks.


This home style is characterized by a steep roof. When it comes to your Tudor home, GAF’s Slateline® and Camelot® II in grays or browns will lend more style. They will complement the classy brick and stone composition of your home.


The tapered columns of your Craftsman will surely be complemented by the wood-shake look of Timberline® shingles. To get an oversized wood-shake look, but for much less, Grand Sequoia® shingles are the answer. Want to go bold and rugged? Try the Grand Canyon®, also with the look of wood shakes but without the high cost. Earthy colors like grays, greens, and browns are what our team can recommend.


Grand Sequoia® and Grand Canyon® have that style that complements the elaborate design of your home. GAF’s Monaco®, with its advanced shingle design emulating the look of original European clay shingles for only a fraction of the real cost, will look beautiful with that stucco siding. Grays, browns, and greens are the colors of choice.

If you can’t find your house type on this list, or if you need installation or roof repair in Maryland, be sure to get in touch with DryTech Roofing. We have a range of GAF roofs that will meet your home’s needs. Our years of experience assure you of a quality roof project

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