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What You Can Do to Limit Home Improvement Mess

A home improvement project, such as a roof replacement, is an exciting activity. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s all fun. There are people coming in and out of your home and the noise and mess can be unbearable. This is why many homeowners having a project done at their home choose to stay somewhere else in the meantime.

It is the contractor’s responsibility to keep the mess and the noise under control. As a matter of fact, it can be clearly stated in your contract that the contractor will not only keep the mess manageable during the project, but that they will also remove any clutter, dirt and materials when the work is done.

That being said, a home improvement project does lead to some mess, as any roofing company would know. To help limit the mess in your home, follow these tips.

Avoid Using Your Furnace

Furnaces have filters, but during a home renovation, using your furnace is a surefire way to pick up all that dust and dirt and blow it to the entire house. The dust will enter the cold air returns and it will enter your furnace, traveling to other areas around your home. This can shorten the life of your furnace, as well. If you can’t switch the furnace off at all times, use it only when the work is done for the day. Cover the cold air returns in a messy room.

Cover and Move

Move furniture, appliances and other items away from areas where the work is focused. Cover them with plastic or tarp. Use tarp or cardboard to cover your floors, especially in areas where workers are walking around.

Seal Rooms

Use plastic or tarp to seal off any areas where the work is going on so the mess doesn’t end up in other areas, especially where you sleep or eat.

Assign a Restroom for Workers

Give your workers a dedicated restroom. Not only will your contractor appreciate your gesture, but it will also limit the area where workers move, reducing the dirt that’s tracked into your home.

DryTech Roofing LLC is one of the best roofing companies you will find in your area. Call us today at 240-491-5600. We do our best to limit the mess during any home improvement project, and we always tidy up before leaving a project site. We work with homeowners in Maryland.