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What You Can Do to Track Down the Source of a Roof Leak

Learning how to track a roof leak back to its source can help you provide your roofing contractor with valuable information when they come to fix your roof. They will be able to do their jobs quicker and more efficiently. Today, DryTech Roofing LLC, an experienced roofing and siding contractor, explains how to track down the source of a roof leak:

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Tracking Down a Roof Leak to Its Source

The first thing you have to do is to confirm whether the leak is caused by a roofing problem. Other possible sources for leaks in your ceiling or attic include problems with your HVAC unit or plumbing. If it is indeed a roof leak, you have to go up to the attic and locate the water stains. It’s best to do this when it is raining, so you can see if the water stain becomes wet. Take a flashlight with you to your attic, to locate water stains quicker. The water will shine when you focus the flashlight on it.

If it is not raining, then you can ask someone to assist you by using a hose and spraying water on your roof. Once you’ve found the water stain, go outside and use a pair of binoculars to find the approximate location of the leak on your roof. However, remember that water can travel far once it enters your roofing system. The source of the leak might be far away from the stain on your attic. Now that you’ve found out what you can, it’s time to call siding and roofing professionals like DryTech Roofing LLC to get the job done.

How DryTech Roofing LLC Can Help You

We can climb up on your roof and carefully examine it for damage. We will check all of your shingles, as well as the common areas for roof leaks. We will inspect your roof flashings, roof penetrations valleys, and more. Once we’ve located the roof leak, we will inform you of what needs to be done to fix the problem. We will then fix your roof and return it to good condition.

DryTech Roofing LLC can help you with all of your roofing needs, install vinyl siding for your home, insulate your attic, and more. We are one of the few certified GAF Master Elite® contractors in our country and we have won the Angie’s List Super Service Award several times, so you can count on us for a flawless home improvement project. Call us at (240) 491-5600 to learn more about our services and products or to ask for a free estimate. We serve homeowners in Maryland.