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What You Need To Know About GAF’s Lifetime Limited Warranty

Given the ubiquity of roofing warranties, homeowners buying a new roof should examine their options closely, as not all roofing warranty coverages are the same. As a GAF Master Elite™ contractor, we would like to give you a quick walkthrough on what you should look for in roofing warranties.

Material and Workmanship Warranties

Regardless of how it’s worded or who provides it, your roofing warranty should always cover both materials and workmanship. Material warranty, sometimes referred to as a manufacturer’s or factory warranty, covers the materials used for the roof replacement, often covered by the manufacturer. Some material warranties only cover the main roofing material itself, however, while others extend the coverage to include ridge caps and underlayment.

A workmanship or installation warranty covers problems caused by installation errors, typically fulfilled by the roofing contractor, though some roofing companies offer assistance on this front as well. This is often shorter than a material warranty, as installation errors, if any, manifest in the first few years after installation. Other coverage like accessory warranty and insurance vary per contractor and manufacturer.

GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty

Leading roofing manufacturer GAF seeks to make filing warranty claims easier for the average homeowner by giving GAF Master Elite contractors like ourselves the authority to process all of their warranty claims. Only 3% of all roofing contractors across North America qualify for the Master Elite designation, so expect service up to par with the high standards that GAF has set. The GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty features three levels:

  1. Shingle and Accessory Limited Warranty – This warranty level features a 10-year material coverage that includes cost of installation labor, with available complete system coverage.
  2. System Plus Limited Warranty – This level steps up the material coverage to 50 years, adds a 2-year workmanship coverage, and covers the entire roof system including accessories. The cost of installation labor is also extended to Lifetime, meaning you’re covered as long as you’re the owner of the property.
  3. Golden Pledge® Limited Warranty – GAF’s top warranty coverage extends the workmanship coverage to an amazing 25 years on top of the 50-year material coverage, among other features. This coverage level is exclusively available from GAF Master Elite contractors like ourselves.

DryTech Roofing is proud to be a certified GAF Master Elite roofing company. To know more about the GAF Lifetime Limited Warranty or our other roofing services, call us today at (240) 491-5600 or fill out our contact form to schedule your free estimate. We serve many areas in and around Maryland.