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What’s Behind the James Hardie® Good Housekeeping Seal?

Siding repair and installation will always cost a significant amount of resources, so it pays to be sure that you’re spending on something with real value. We offer siding solutions that have the James Hardie® Good Housekeeping Seal. What does that mean for a homeowner looking for something with good value?


Durability Assured

The James Hardie Good Housekeeping Seal is a good way to check if your siding is made to last. All solutions with the seal are certified to meet high standards when it comes to fire, wind, water and impact resistance. Products that have the seal are also protected by a 30-year warranty.

A Style for Every Home

Don’t worry about our products limited to classic-themed homes. Siding options with James Hardie Good Housekeeping Seal are available as pre-painted panels or with faux wood finish. Whether you’re looking for something sleek or something rustic, there’s a panel style that will match your home.

Siding for All Climates

Whether you’re looking for a home that can stand up to the harsh winter or incredibly wet hurricane seasons, our siding options are up for the task. Products with the James Hardie Good Housekeeping Seal provide excellent weather protection all year round.

A Trusted Brand

Whether it’s vinyl siding or our popular HardiePlank™ lap siding, you can always trust products with the James Hardie Good Housekeeping Seal to give you the most value for your money. The James Hardie brand has been a trusted mainstay of the home exterior industry for years, which is proof of the dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

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