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What’s in a GAF® Lifetime Roofing System?

Both homeowners and roofing contractors in Maryland have seen the quality and performance of a GAF® Lifetime Roofing System. Our experts give a rundown of the different components that make up one of these roofs.

Roofing System

The Shingles

As the main surface of the roof, a GAF Lifetime Roofing System’s shingles are the roof’s first layer of protection against rain, snow, strong winds and other external factors. They also help prevent some heat from getting through, improving your home’s energy efficiency.

Attic Ventilation

Maryland roofing contractors can’t stress enough how important it is for a roof to have proper ventilation. Not only does a Lifetime Roofing System’s attic ventilation help avoid problems such as curling or warping, it also helps prevent damage to your interior paint and wallpaper, as well as keep indoor air from being stale.

Roof Deck Protection

Located directly under the shingles, a Lifetime Roofing System’s roof deck protection allows moisture to escape from the attic while keeping rain from penetrating the roof deck. It also lies flatter than usual, which helps avoid the formation of unsightly bumps or creases caused by poor quality deck protection.

Starter Strip Shingles

Found at the eaves or rakes, starter strip shingles are designed to help speed up installation and prevent shingle blow-offs. Certified roofing contractors in Maryland only need to peel the adhesive layer and roll out the strips instead of having to install individual shingle pieces.

Leak Barrier

Some parts of the roof such as the valleys and ridges are more vulnerable to leaks than the rest of the roof. This is why a Lifetime Roofing System has a special leak barrier designed to form a waterproof barrier over those key areas.

Ridge Cap Shingles

Designed to match the look of the main shingles, ridge cap shingles are shaped to fit the roof’s ridges, forming an effective covering over the ridges, where intersecting roof planes could have caused a big gap where rain can seep through.

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