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Why Contractors Swear By Vinyl Siding in Maryland and Other States

An article published by Kingston Region discloses the popularity of vinyl siding among homeowners:

As vinyl siding continues to be a favorite among homeowners, certain trends emerge each year. While rich-colored siding was a popular trend just last year, homeowners engaging in siding renovation products are now turning more to warm, earthy colors. Expect to see more gold, clay, and warm red shades with trim colors only one or two shades off, for a monochromatic effect. Another trend involves a continued interest in renewable materials or siding comprised of some postrecycled consumer content. Energy conservation is also on the minds of consumers, and some areas of the country have modified building codes to require continuous insulation of home exteriors to prevent heat and cooling losses more effectively. As a result, more customers may opt for solid core vinyl siding to meet demands for home insulation.

Vinyl Siding image

The article further discussed the wide varieties of vinyl siding available on the market, alongside a short history lecture that traced the origins of vinyl siding back to the late 1950s. The fact that vinyl siding in Maryland and other parts of the United States has only been around for more than fifty years means that its application is a relatively new idea compared to wood and other materials. Nevertheless, vinyl siding captured 32% of new housing markets across the country. One of the biggest assets of vinyl siding is its financial load compared to conventional siding materials such as cedar and redwood. Cedar and redwood cost 2.5 times more than vinyl siding, which is cheaper since it’s a synthetic plastic. Furthermore: while there are premium vinyl siding that cost as much as their wooden cousins, the installation costs are smaller, which makes vinyl a better alternative financially. The second, and perhaps greatest, asset of vinyl siding is the fact that there is little to no maintenance required. With wooden siding such as cedar, you will have to worry about stains and repainting more often. Vinyl on the other hand requires minimal maintenance, which makes it perfect for busy people. With both reasons shared, it is clear why vinyl siding in Maryland and other states around the country will continue to thrive. Those interested in learning more about this kind of siding can consult contractors such as DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions, as they have extensive expertise with such materials. (Article Excerpt and Image from Vinyl siding still a consumer favorite, Kingston Region, October 17, 2013)