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Why Does Pre-Winter Siding Inspection Matter?

Next to a roof evaluation, siding inspection should be at the top of your list this fall. Actually, this is the perfect time to give your siding system a close look. The kids are back to school, winter is on the way and the holidays are just around the corner. Even if you think your siding is in good repair, it’s still wise to get it professionally inspected because if you’re wrong, the consequences will be unpleasant.


Leaky Panels Make Your Home Prone to the Cold

Seasoned siding contractors, including DryTech Roofing, would say that broken exterior cladding panels can affect your home’s energy efficiency and structural integrity. Any damage will allow air, water, dirt and insects to come in. You may not experience the negative effects, but constant exposure to the elements can be disastrous to your wooden walls. Chronic water intrusion will accelerate the process of wear and tear.

As a thermal barrier, broken siding becomes less efficient. During the coldest months, it will cost you more to regulate your indoor climate if your home can’t trap the heat.

Replacement Takes a While to Complete

The point of an inspection is to discover causes for concern early. Experienced vinyl siding contractors know that minor repairs are less costly and inconvenient. However, if the evaluation reveals that replacement is necessary, it’s better to get it started during fall. Considering average vinyl re-siding takes about one to two weeks to finish, tackling your project early gives you just enough time to ready your home before the holidays roll around.

New Siding Impresses Guests

Installing replacement siding is a great way to give your home exterior an impressive makeover. If you’re planning to have company over during the holidays, beautiful siding panels will help you make an excellent impression on guests.

As one of the state’s trusted siding contractors, let DryTech Roofing inspect your system and detect every sign of damage there is. With our solid local reputation, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you an honest assessment and sound maintenance recommendations. Call us at (240) 491-5600 today to schedule a siding inspection in Maryland and make your home winter-ready.