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Why Fall Is a Good Time to Replace Your Siding

The highest-quality vinyl siding boards are estimated to last up to 100 years with proper maintenance. On average, however, most siding products have a lifespan of about 50 to 60 years before needing replacement. Because of their long lives, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to replace your siding more than once. If you are due for a brand-new exterior, choosing when during the year to install siding can be just as important as choosing which type of material of siding you’re getting.

Good Time to Replace Your Siding

Let our experts at DryTech Roofing LLC show you why the fall season is the ideal time to get new siding:

Best Season

Replacing your siding in the winter can be hindered by snow days and the general cold weather. Summer replacements may be hard to come by because this is a peak time for many exterior renovation companies. The fall season in Maryland has just the right amount of demand and the ideal weather to make sure your siding replacement takes place with little to no problems.

Energy Benefits

Modern siding boards offer plenty of energy efficiency advantages over their older counterparts and there is no better time in the year to test their performance than during the winter. Finishing the installation of new siding in the fall ensures that you’ll have a better and more efficient way to keep your home warm when the cold days roll around.

Money Savings

Many siding companies offer discounts and promotions as early as fall to prepare for the low demand of the following winter. You can take advantage of these low prices by calling your local siding installation contractor and getting a schedule ahead of time.

This season, get your siding installation finished with the help of our pros at DryTech Roofing LLC. Give us a call at (240) 491-5600 or fill out our contact form and request a free estimate on brand-new siding products today. We serve homeowners in Maryland.