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Why Hire a BBB-Accredited and Angie’s List Contractor?

When looking for a school to enroll their children, many parents often do a background check on all their preselected institutions. Some of the things they often review are the school’s mission and vision statements, list of faculty members, and accreditations from esteemed organizations.

Looking for roofing companies in Maryland to work on your property is similar to finding a school. You should also check for credentials before your hire a contractor.

Apart from licenses and certifications, an accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and a listing on Angie’s List are two things you should look for. BBB and Angie’s List help customers choose contractors by providing a convenient avenue to verify information and giving them access to business reviews and complaints.

DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions is accredited by the BBB and listed on Angie’s List. Our accreditation ensures that we stand by all our verbal representations and written agreements. You may also expect us to respond to your concerns in a timely manner, which is part of the standards of these organizations.

With our BBB affiliation, we can assure you that we will discuss with you the terms of our contracts and warranties. Other things that we will disclose are our policies on returns and refunds and the total cost of the project, which includes tax and applicable handling and shipping fees.

Angie’s List, on the other hand, serves as a place for customers to validate information about reputable companies, including roofing and home improvement contractors. Their website contains reviews and ratings encompassing quality, price, punctuality, professionalism, and responsiveness of the service given as feedback by previous clients of the companies.

When it comes to your home improvement needs and roofing in Maryland, trust a qualified professional listed on Angie’s List and accredited by the BBB, such as DryTech Roofing & Home Solutions. By checking out our standing with these two credible resources, you can be assured that you’ll be dealing with the right contractor for your property.

If you need a roof, window, and siding replacement, just give us a call at (240) 547-2447, and our dedicated staff will be glad to assist you.