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Why Should You Consider Fiber Cement Siding for Your Home?

Fiber cement siding offers certain advantages that make it a worthy investment. In this blog, the siding contractors at DryTech Roofing LLC shares a close look at what makes fiber cement siding worthy of consideration for your upcoming siding replacement.

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What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement is a type of composite that’s made of fine sand, wood fibers and cement. The wood fiber content helps reduce the inherent brittleness of cement, while the silica from the fine sand adds durability and mass. During manufacture, fiber cement siding is molded into custom lengths and profiles. A durable exterior coating is applied, which protects the planks from moisture intrusion and ensures long-lasting beauty.

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Fiber Cement Siding

Many homeowners choose fiber cement siding because of the following unique advantages:

Durability — Fiber cement is considered one of the most durable building materials available today. A standard fiber cement siding plank is significantly thicker than most siding options, which gives it better impact resistance. Also, the thick profile allows deeper relief that results in realistic wood grain texture, even after a coating is applied.

Long Life Span — Fiber cement siding is expected to last 30 to 50 years, with proper care and maintenance. Comparatively, that’s close to the expected life span of standard metal roofing systems, making it a worthwhile investment.

Weather Resistance — As a manufactured material, fiber cement siding expands and contracts evenly when exposed to extreme heat and cold. This makes fiber cement siding less prone to warping or cracking. Also, the James Hardie® HardieZone® system makes sure that homeowners who choose their products receive the type of fiber cement siding that’s optimized for the local climate.

Low-Maintenance — Homeowners want low-maintenance siding, and with this feature, fiber cement does not disappoint. The aforementioned exterior coating is on par with the maintenance requirements of vinyl. And, thanks to James Hardie’s ColorPlus® technology, the colors remain vibrant and eliminate sanding and repainting every few years.

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