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Why Vinyl Siding Is Better Than Wood

For a variety of reasons, experts and homeowners alike consider vinyl the ultimate alternative to wood siding. Although this sought-after material has been around since the 50s, it’s been enjoying renewed consumer interest because of its impressive technological advances.

What makes vinyl one of the hottest siding options on the market today? DryTech Roofing lists five reasons below.

Incredible Durability

Vinyl has got longevity going for it. It doesn’t decay like authentic wood because it’s immune to moisture damage. This tough material can withstand wind speeds of over 200 mph. Resisting heat and cold, it can live a long life despite constant exposure to the elements.

Painless Maintenance

Compared with wood, vinyl siding is almost maintenance-free. It never needs scraping and repainting to preserve its structural integrity and attractive appearance. Needing only soapy water, it makes periodic cleaning a breeze.

Affordable Luxury

Vinyl is the most economical siding material you can find. Despite its low cost, it never fails to deliver head-turning curb appeal. It’s available in a huge array of styles to help you achieve your unique aesthetic needs.

Fast Installation

Ease of installation is one of the main things siding experts love about vinyl products. In case of damage, experienced professionals can replace the affected panels easily, thereby minimizing disruption. Still, you should only hire a company certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute, like DryTech Roofing, to ensure the correct procedures are carried out.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Vinyl is an excellent insulator in itself, but energy-efficient products come with added insulation to create a remarkable thermal barrier. Insulated vinyl panels can trim your cooling and heating costs noticeably. On the other hand, the wood framing of exterior walls allows as much as 40% of indoor energy to escape.

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